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  1. What I learnt about managing 300 sites and the transition to Azure

    I cofound a company in 2013. The company ran a medical directory and we also managed the online presence for practitioners which in laymans speak meant we built and hosted practitioners websites. We managed to achieve something quite special. We managed to host both the Directory application and more than…

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  2. Azure App service finally receives free SSL

    It's not often you wake up and have an email make your day. I woke up to "Azure pricing and services updates" email, which usually brings news of prices going up, and as I scrolled down I saw this: It has been a pet peeve of mine for the last…

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  3. Unexplained Azure App Service Scaling

    The Azure cloud is nothing short of incredible. One of the most impressive parts about the cloud is the ability for it to scale rapidly in either direction and for you to only be charged for what you use on a per minute basis. It is clear that South African…

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